Dan Cantrell, Team Eye Strike
Savannah, Georgia
IG @danfromsavannah
YouTube LowCountryFishing

What do you like most about fishing? I like how it grounds me with nature. The feeling I get running out to my first spot in the morning as the sun rises is an emotion that is hard to pinpoint. It brings me comfort and happiness all at the same time. In the shallow backwaters that I fish, I find myself relaxed and stress-free. Fishing is definitely therapy for me.

How did you get started with fishing? I fished with my dad as a kid but did not get the passion for it until I was a young adult. It was during that time frame “Addicted Fishing” with Blair Wiggins started to become very popular. I started mimicking everything he did out on the water and next thing you know I was catching fish. That small seed grew into an absolute obsession I have today and still enjoy watching some of his older episodes.

What are your other interests? Since launching my YouTube Channel “LowCountryFishing”, I have really taken to the photography and videography associated with making a video. I have become an amateur film editor in the process and enjoy catching the raw emotion that goes into every trip. I enjoy spending time with my family on and off the water and anxiously wait for that day when my kids get old enough to take fishing with me.

What’s your favorite Eye Strike Fishing product? Hands-down it has to be the 3/16 ounce Texas Eye. I fish tight to structure and the ability of that hook to keep my lure weedless is essential. I also consider that Texas Eye to be one of the most versatile products on the market today. Rigged on a Z-Man paddle tail, you can very simply swim it through the middle of the water column and create a lot of vibration, as well as bounce it off the bottom to generate a strike. This is another great feature of that jig head because while the lure is at rest, on the pause, that lure pivots straight up and puts the hook right in the strike zone resulting in an immediate hook set.

What is something most people don’t know about you? I am a firefighter by trade.  When I am not with my family or out on the water I am spending the rest of my time at the fire house with my crew. I’ve been a fireman for over 17 years and absolutely love my job. I like the fact that I can get out and help my community members when they are having their worst day and it brings me a sense of fulfillment. I also like how  my schedule gives me plenty of time at home to balance out family and recreation time out on the water. I am also an insider fishing coach with Salt Strong in the GA/SC region. This role allows me the opportunity to give back to the inshore fishing community and that makes me happy.

Is there anything else you would like to add?  I truly believe David and Ralph have created a superior product and could not be happier to be a part of this team.