Dave Jaskiewicz, Team Eye Strike
Wando, South Carolina
IG @davejaskiewicz

What do you like most about fishing?  That’s a hard question actually. There are a certain peacefulness and solitude that fishing helps me decompress from work and daily stress. When I’m on my kayak hunting for redfish or trout I feel like it’s my time and no one can get to me. However, there is also the enjoyment of being able to process and decode the pattern and what the fish are doing and what they want each trip to make it a successful outing. Its also been a great outlet for my competitiveness.

How did you get started with fishing?  My two older brothers and my father have been, and still are, as passionate about fishing as I am. I grew up near an old golf course that had gone out of business and the land and ponds are where I spent my childhood and most of that time I was fishing the ponds. There were 7-8 different ponds on the property and we had created names for each, “Doggy-bone “, “First Lake”, and “Tarzan” just to name a few. I would spend all day back there catching bass, bluegill, and pickerel. Also, my father always had a few boats as well, weekend trips to the Delaware Bay with him is where my real passion for fishing was born. There was just something more exciting about those salt trips that would keep me up the night before in anticipation and honestly, that still hasn’t changed.

What are your other interests?  I’m a family man. When not working I’m spending time with my amazing wife Melyssa and our children Emery and Vinny and our dog Max. I’m also a huge Philly sports fan and try to get to a few games each year.

What’s your favorite Eye Strike Fishing product?  The original Trout Eye 3/16oz w/ Gold Eye. I think it’s the perfect weight for the tidal waterways here in Charleston when paired with Z-Man Minnowz. That combination has proven to be VERY effective!

What is something most people don’t know about you?  When I was young I got in trouble for doing something stupid and was grounded for months. During that time I taught myself to juggle. I’m actually pretty good and enjoy entertaining my kids with those skills.

Anything else you’d like to add?  I’m a big advocate for taking a kid fishing. I enjoy sharing my passion with kids and introducing them to the sport and hopefully getting them excited to be outdoors more often.