Medell Medrano, Team Eye Strike
Virginia Beach, Virginia
IG @cloudbreakmods

What do you like most about fishing? I love the hunt and everything that comes along with it. I view every session as a puzzle that I need to solve for whatever species I am targeting that day. Solving that puzzle could be a simple change in presentation to a complete overhaul of my approach based on the conditions. In any case, its the rush of achievement after the grind that is most satisfying.

How did you get started with fishing? Most people talk about how they grew up fishing with their dad. Quite the opposite for me. My son took interest in fishing at 5 years old because of YouTube. I bought a couple of the cheapest off the rack combos I could find, some tandem bottom rigs and we hit the Virginia Beach Pier to get him some action. A little success here and there with whatever was biting and we moved onto freshwater, again because of YouTube. That’s when I got hooked! Soon after that, we ran into my buddy Jay who convinced me to buy a kayak and I’ve been on the water 2-4 times a week since! Jay also taught me that Eye Strike products were the best. He was right!

What are your other interests? It’s all about Family for me! Thankfully my family loves to Surf, Skate and Fish! By the way, I fish nights mostly because I want to be there for my family during the day time. So basically I don’t sleep very much.

What’s your favorite Eye Strike Fishing product? Gold Eye Trout Eye and Striper Eye in various weights and almost always paired with Z-Man products.

What is something most people don’t know about you? I wear a suit to work everyday but I love to get my hands dirty building and engineering things. Oh and I can sew too but I can also weld! LOL. Parents taught me early that I can do anything that I put my mind to and that the more I know, the more freedom I will have to do things for myself.

Anything else you’d like to add? I’m really excited about the successes that we have seen from Dave Fladd’s efforts with Release Over 20. It’s so nice to see that the initiative catching fire in Virginia and the rest of the participating states. I am all for the legal harvesting of fish but being a little selective and conservation minded will help safeguard the future of our respective fisheries well.