Mike Kachman, Team Eye Strike
Pawleys Island, South Carolina
IG @mikekach

What do you like most about fishing?  It’s really tough to narrow this down to one thing but I’d have to say the people. Whether it’s with old friends, new friends or a client I just met most fishermen are like minded and share my passion for the sport, care about conservation and have a common love for the outdoors. I just love seeing “the look” when someone lands a big fish.

How did you get started with fishing?  My parents have pictures of me sitting by a pond holding a fishing pole before I could walk. I don’t really remember those days but I do remember being 3 or 4 years old and when I’d get a bite I would run up the hill to set the hook. Thankfully my methods have improved over time.

What are your other interests?  I love to travel and hang out with friends and family. I’ve been to a bunch of cool places and met a bunch of great people along the way.

What’s your favorite Eye Strike Fishing product?  The trout eye was a real game changer for me I’ve always thrown a lot of soft plastics and the trout eye increased my success tremendously. No matter if it’s trout, redfish, flounder, bass or really any other species fish really do strike the eye more frequently and more aggressively then any other jig head on the market.

What is something most people don’t know about you?  At my house we have a grumble. What’s a grumble? A pack of 3 or more pug dogs. We actually have 4 pugs and they can be a handful but totally worth it.