Release Over 20″ is an initiative to encourage recreational anglers to voluntarily release all spotted seatrout over 20″, in essence, creating an upper-slot for these valuable gamefish – even if the law allows it.  

The origin of Release Over 20″ began many years ago when Eye Strike Fishing partner Dave Fladd inquired about whether South Carolina would ever implement an upper-slot for trout, and was told it would never happen.  In South Carolina, laws pertaining to our natural resources are made by the State Legislature, not the Department of Natural Resources.  Therefore, the process is highly political, and big changes are unlikely to happen in a timely manner.  

So, that inspired him to wonder, why can’t we set and observe our own catch and creel limits that are more restrictive than the law allows?  If we get enough people to follow this philosophy, we can effectively have an upper-slot for trout, and may very well move the needle.  Leading by example, Dave would often state on social media and local fishing forums that he caught and released his trout over 20″ as his own personal upper-slot, and why he did so.  After a while, people in South Carolina started telling him that they did too, because he inspired them to follow that rule also.  

Why Release Big Trout?  

  • Most trout over 20″ are female
  • Egg production on larger trout increases exponentially, for example an 11″ trout releases around 3 million eggs a year, and an 18″ trout releases over 17 million eggs annually
  • 20″ trout are approximately 4 years old and are survivors.  A 20″ trout is very rare.  It’s estimated that if you start out with 1000 trout at year 0, only 8 trout will remain at year 4.  Imagine how rare a 28″ trout is?
  • It’s important to pass on survivor genes on these big fish.  How did they survive to the size they are?  Are they able to withstand cold snaps?  Do they grow bigger and faster than the others (think of an NBA player)?

Partnership with CCA North Carolina

Dave was discussing his Release Over 20″ thoughts on the Eastern Current podcast with Judson Brock, and Joe Neely from CCA North Carolina was an interested listener.  This philosophy struck a chord with him and CCA NC came on board with making Release Over 20 a major initiative in the state of North Carolina.  A CCA NC web page on Release Over 20 can be viewed here.

Eye Strike Fishing is very proud to partner with CCA NC to try to get more people to adopt Release Over 20″ and do what we can as recreational anglers to keep these trophy speckled trout in our fishery by releasing them.

How Can You Get Involved?

Anglers:  Please follow @releaseover20 on Facebook and Instagram to see program submissions and to keep up to date on the initiative.  We have have stickers and apparel available on our store, the proceeds of which go directly to promoting the initiative.

Guides:  We would love to have you on board as official supporters of Release Over 20.  We will promote your guide business on our social media as sponsors in turn for encouraging your clients to enter the program.  Please contact us to get started.

Corporate Sponsors:  We are soliciting corporate sponsors of in-kind donations to give away in quarterly drawings for program entries.  In turn, we will promote your business as sponsors of our program on our website and social media platforms.  Please contact us for details.

2020 Release Over 20 Corporate Sponsors

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