Month: June 2012

Offshore in June

Ralph and I went offshore to troll for dolphin, wahoo, tuna, etc.  We had a great time, and caught some “Carolina Gold”, among other things.  Ralph taught me how to work the reels, set the lines, and rig the ballyhoo.  His 15 years of offshore experience gave him a lot of wisdom, and we need to find a way to get some of his offshore knowledge published!  Here are some pics of our day.

Jason Stemple in Catch Mag

Our fellow fishing/video/photog junkies will probably be familiar with Catch Magazine, a very high-end fly fishing and photography mag.  Two of my acquaintances (Jason Stemple, and Jeremy Mehlhaff) are featured in a beautiful article “Lowcountry Reds” submitted by Jason.  The mag recently went to a subscription (used to be free), and unfortunately you will need to subscribe to see the article ($12/yr).  I’m not endorsed by them or the mag at all, by the way.  Here is a preview of the amazing photos included.

When can I get a video?

Hey everyone… we appreciate all the positive feedback on the website and new business venture!  Our biggest question is “when will the video(s) be available?”.  Now that we have the online business set up, we will focus on getting these first couple videos published.  I’m interested in opinions on what format would be most desirable for video delivery?

  1. Regular DVD or Blu-Ray (ie. disk in a case)
  2. Online download
  3. Online streaming
  4. Pay per view

Leave a comment and let me know what you prefer.

Thanks – Dave