Month: May 2016

Trout Eye Jigs now available in 1/8 oz and 3/16 oz in Retail 3-Packs

We are pleased to now offer our new packaging and new size of Trout Eye jigs on our store!

Many have asked for them, and we appreciate your patience while we got them ready for production.  We hope you like them and can’t wait to see what you catch with them.  Tag your posts with #trouteye for repost.

Trout Eye 1-8 Rigged with BadShad Swimmin Trout Trick
1/8 oz Trout Eye Jig Rigged with a Z-Man Swimmin’ Trout Trick
Trout Eye 3-16 Rigged with Pearl MinnowZ
3/16 oz Trout Eye Rigged with a Z-Man Pearl MinnowZ
Trout Eye 3-16 Four Colors
Trout Eye 3/16 oz Lineup
Trout Eye 1-8 Four Color Aligned
Trout Eye 1/8 oz Lineup

Trout Eye 1-8 Red 3-Pack Trout Eye 3-16 Gold 3-Pack

SSWA Tournament

Had a really good day fishing the SSWA May tourney with Rich – a Summerville Saltwater Anglers member from Aiken.

I made an early roll of the dice trying a topwater spot at somewhat less than ideal tide (hindsight is 20/20) and rolled snake eyes. What made it worse was hearing about a strong TW bite by some friends who fished other spots that morning. Oh well, the spot I went to is risk/reward and it could also have also paid off big for us.

Made a few more stops with not very much showing and decided to make a move to a good spot that would be firing when we got there – I hoped.

Arrived to find a boat with two guys anchored in the middle of the stretch. Funny thing is I knew they were anchored right on top of the fish.

No worries, we started fishing a portion of the bank and it wasn’t long before Rich’s drag is pulling and a big(!) trout flashes. He fought it like a pro and it was hooked well enough. A beauty 21″ trout and his personal best for SC by a few inches 🙂

Rich w Trout 2

I picked up a decent flounder on the “Fladd-shad” MinnowZ (OK, Pearl but I’m renaming it!). The boat was still there watching their corks sit motionless so we made another pass of the upper stretch. We probably put 4 fish in the boat before they pulled anchor and left.

Flatty Midshot

So we continued down the bank and yep, caught redfish right under where their boat was. Rich had twin 18″ reds and I had two at 26.5 and 28.5.

Dave w Redfish Rich with Redfish

By the time we left this bank we had several flounder, several redfish and two 20-21″ trout. That was fun, and ended up doing very well in the tournament.

Dave w Trout

After the winds picked up the bite shut off. I think we only had 1 trout and a few bluefish after.

Funny story. We were fishing a spot I scouted a few years ago but hadn’t returned to in a while. Rich broke off on some wood and was retying a jig. He threw it in the water while getting situated and said “argh, I snagged a branch I just retied!” So I spin the boat around to get it and he Yanks the line and up comes a 1.5 lb largemouth bass that hit the bare Trout Eye jig !! That was funny 🙂

Rich with LM

Well we had a lot of fun and did well in the tourney and it was great to see everyone on the water and at weigh in. The weigh ins are getting better and better!


In other news, we are preparing to release a slew of new products after much hard work.  First to be released will be a line of Trout Eye jigs, all on 2/0 Mustad UltraPoint hooks – the best hook on the market. We have two new weights at 1/8 oz and 1/4 oz and new retail packaging.  Here is a sample of the new packaging and a preview of the two sizes along side “the original TE” 3/16 oz jig.

Screenshot_051616_103441_AM Trout Eye Line w Logo 2


Lastly, we are in week 3 of 4 of our May Giveaways.  To enter, just purchase a minimum of $25 on our online store.  Multiples of $25 get extra entries.  Each winner has received over $30 in free stuff so far.  Week 3s winner will be the first in the world to receive a sampling of our new TE sizes.  Good luck, and congrats to week 1 winner Leland Lively and week 2 winner Alex Rosen!