Ralph and Dave Featured in Tideline Magazine

Ralph and I had a bunch of photos included in the latest Tideline Magazine article titled “Lowcountry Linesiders”.  This article focused on catching stripers in the local brackish water rivers.  This is an area that Ralph has pioneered and has taught me everything that I know on the subject.  He got my interest shortly after we met and he asked me to post some pics of his catch in the middle of summer.  There he was holding up a bunch of stripers!  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  They are pound for pound one of the best fighting fish you can catch inshore, and we hope the SCDNR’s stocking efforts pay off in the future and a healthy striper population can be established.  Wouldn’t that be fun?

My son Ian's fish is the SSWA youth club record striper at 24"
Ralph and his brother Danny, an excellent fisherman

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