Most unusual catch on a blustery day

I promised my friend Scott a trip before he heads back home to the cold winter in upstate NY. Our planned day’s forecast went from bad to worse, with a high of 48F, water temps at 45F, and 10-15 NE winds. Ugh.

Well, we layered up and headed out. As we are making the run I have to admit I was thinking of other places I would rather be! We hit several spots at the typical “right” time and not even a bump, so just kept moving and trying, moving and trying.

Finally I get a nice thump and its a 23.5″ red. Scott followed with a 25.25″er and we found the small pocket where they were located. We doubled up on some nice upper slot reds, and ended up with 9 from 15.5″ to 25.25″. A pretty good result for such a cold day.   The wind gusts were literally blowing the Whaler all around, making holding us in our spot really difficult!  The only time we could really cast with accuracy was to time our casts between the gusts.


The icing on the cake was when I changed over to a white with green speck paddletail rigged on a gold TroutEye jig. I get a slight bump and was VERY surprised to catch a sheepy on it! First ever for me, and though I have read of folks catching them on arties, I have never heard of any of my friends or acquaintances doing it. Pretty cool! Maybe he thought it was a runaway oyster or that the gold eye was a pearl 🙂 Who knows?


We have caught all inshore species on our jigs, including several freshwater species, but I would never have thought we would catch a sheepshead!

Tight lines everyone! -Dave


In other news, we finally have real packaging for our jigs, and this is how they should look in our retail shop displays, so keep an eye out for them!


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