What’s Old is New Again

This quote by Sandy Stuhr in a recent TideLine magazine article says it all.  Sandy has been fishing Charleston inshore for over 50 years.

Sandy Stuhr, another veteran inshore angler, bemoans the development that has taken place along the Wando River where he has spent decades fishing. But at the same time the proliferation of docks also provides structure and breaks for the gamefish to lie in wait.
“It gives the fish someplace to sit, particularly the redfish,” Stuhr said.
Stuhr’s favorite artificial is a bucktail jig, something that can be difficult to find these days.

The classic bucktail has proven the test of time simply because it works.  It’s probably because the supple deer hair tail moves effortlessly in the current, making it look alive.  It’s the same concept as a fly fishermen’s Clouser minnow.

We have combined our greatly successful TroutEye jigheads featuring an oversized eye with a bucktail trailer.  These work exceptionally well when a subtle presentation is needed, such as the fall and winter when our waters get cold.

The best way to fish them is like you would fish a MirroLure, but even slower.  A very slow retrieve with frequent pauses works very well.

Pick up a few packs and try them out.

Bucktail BLUE Bucktail BROWN

Show your school spirit by fishing with a themed bucktail.  See what the fish choose…

Bucktail CAROLINA Bucktail CLEMSON


TroutEye bucktails are available ONLY on our online store.

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