Winter Catching

We have been blessed with some unseasonably warm weather this fall, and as I write (Dec 7, Pearl Harbor Day…RIP Heros…) the water is still just below 60F. That’s great news for survival of the trout this winter. This has also meant that the trout have yet to really transition to the “winter pattern”. After the latest cold front, we believe that transition is in progress. Here is what we mean by that.

Trout w Trout Trick Closeup 2

Trout will transition to a pattern of moving up creeks away from the main rivers. Whether they are doing this to escape predation, seek out warmth, or the last remaining bit of bait – I’m not sure, but sure enough that’s what they do. They will also drop into deep holes in creeks. One thing we have found is that trout will often hang out in the dead center of these creeks (the deepest parts) and we have observed many people trying to fish in the typical way…moving up the center of the creek with their boat, and casting to the banks. What they should be doing is moving up the edge and casting to the center. You must work your lure very, very slowly. This is where your gear makes all the difference. You will feel an ever so slight *tick*. That’s the bite. A very sensitive rod with a fast tip and braided line is the ticket. This is an appropriate time to plug our custom rods, which are made for this exact purpose. They are high end (read: expensive) but the best rod you can buy for trout fishing. We like to fish Z-Man Trout Tricks and will cut them down even. Other lures we like are the 3.75 StreakZ and the newer Slim SwimZ. These “match the hatch” of available bait consisting of glass minnows. When you stop your lure on the bottom, the buoyancy of the ElaZtech makes the tail float up. It’s killer.

Red with Trout Trick

It’s not hard to catch double digits of trout in the winter – you just need the know how, tools, and skill to do it. See you on the water…We’ll be out there in 5 layers and mittens…

In Other News…

If you didn’t already know, we are a Z-Man dealer and offer a limited selection of their lures on our store. Why? These are ones that we personally endorse and fish ourselves. That’s not to say that the other Z-Man lures don’t work just as well. We just like to offer only products that we fish with ourselves. Catch us on the water and see for yourself. We are fishing Phillips Custom rods with Trout Eye jigs and the Z-Man lures available on our site. We will soon be offering the Z-Man 3.75″ StreakZ, 3″ MinnowZ, and 2.5″ Slim SwimZ in select colors on our store.


We have sold out of our white Trout Eye hand towels and have replaced them with a Navy Blue colored towel. Why? Well, when your catching, you’re using them a lot, and the white gets easily blood-stained and dirty. The Navy towels will look better for longer. Hope you like them as much as we do!

Trout Eye Hand Towel Navy


We have a couple new Retail shops in Miami, FL! Check out El Capitan Sports, both locations now stock Trout Eye jigs!


Stay tuned we have some great new stuff ready to drop early next year….

Ralph Dave Double

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