Trout Eye Jigs now available in 1/8 oz and 3/16 oz in Retail 3-Packs

We are pleased to now offer our new packaging and new size of Trout Eye jigs on our store!

Many have asked for them, and we appreciate your patience while we got them ready for production.  We hope you like them and can’t wait to see what you catch with them.  Tag your posts with #trouteye for repost.

Trout Eye 1-8 Rigged with BadShad Swimmin Trout Trick
1/8 oz Trout Eye Jig Rigged with a Z-Man Swimmin’ Trout Trick
Trout Eye 3-16 Rigged with Pearl MinnowZ
3/16 oz Trout Eye Rigged with a Z-Man Pearl MinnowZ
Trout Eye 3-16 Four Colors
Trout Eye 3/16 oz Lineup
Trout Eye 1-8 Four Color Aligned
Trout Eye 1/8 oz Lineup

Trout Eye 1-8 Red 3-Pack Trout Eye 3-16 Gold 3-Pack

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