Goat Island

Every year I plan a guy’s trip with some of my best friends.  Often, we camp at Caper’s Island and surf fish, drink beer, and eat.  It’s a great time and we have been doing it for years.  This year I had a little surprise in store for them.  Some fans of our products are the owners of a house on Goat Island.  I discovered them on Instagram when they would tag pics of them holding up fish caught on Trout Eye jigs.  If you’re not from Charleston, Goat Island is a really cool and unusual place.  It’s an island just across the ICW from Isle of Palms and is only accessible by boat.  The houses range from very rustic to very nice.  I contacted them about possibly renting their place for my trip and we picked a weekend and it was on.

Dave with a “reverse push” flatty that was actually a pretty good one!

Well, their house “Goat Island Getaway” was really cozy and full of character.  It has plenty of decks, porches, hammocks and is a great place to chillax.  The fishing was not on fire, I believe due to the water temperature still being 80F in the middle of October.  Usually by this time of year we have had a few cold fronts, dropping the water temperature and turbo-charging the catching.  

Al with a nice inshore speck

Regardless, we searched around for a pattern that worked and eventually found a few fish here and there.  We even went to the jetties a couple times and everyone had a chance to be on the rod end of a freight train.  Unfortunately our landing ratio was not great…ok it was awful!  But exciting nonetheless!  

Kevin with a topwater trout

We ate like kings, as a few of our friends are great cooks and even enjoyed trout ceviche made with trout caught the same morning.  It was an awesome trip and I took a survey of who wanted to re-up for next year and it was a unanimous YES!

This 28″ topwater redfish was a blast on light tackle

If you have never visited Goat, you should give it a try.  I think I’ll be back with my wife to spend a weekend away – a vacation in our home town.

Jeff on the way to getting nearly spooled on an 8000 Penn Battle by a jetty giant

See you on the water!

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