Heating Back Up

We haven’t been on the water too much in early 2018, so not much to report from personal experience until now.  I have yet to catch a trout this year, but also haven’t been targeting them in their usual places – but others have been posting encouraging reports so hopefully our large numbers of trout before the freeze will help our recovery.  

Lower slot redfish on a 3/16 Eye Strike Weedless jig with a Pearl MinnowZ (aka Fladd-Shad)

This past weekend Ralph and I took separate trips and found a very strong redfish bite in the Cooper river.  Water temps are up to the low 50’s and the bite was super aggressive once you found the fish.  They are still in their cold water patterns, ie. packed together along deep water structure.  Once you find the fish, you hardly need to move.  

Ralph with a grown Redfish
Lots of big girls around!

I had a good day solo fishing on Saturday, with 15 redfish caught, tagged and released in a few hours.  Most encouraging to me was the size range – with several year-classes represented.  I had fish from 16″ to 31″ and all in-between.  I polled a few friends who had similar days and they also reported similar size ranges of fish.  That is a very good sign.   I wish I was fishing a tournament, as I had four fish between 22 and 23 inches (all released, maybe to recapture in a tourney?)

We were doing a little new product testing, which I will keep under wraps for now, but the new product passed with flying colors.  Really excited to announce the product when its ready!  

On the subject of new products we are working on… we have a lot of new stuff coming, and should be making prototypes and testing them in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!

It’s almost spawning season for Riverene Striper and they are Fat-Fat-Fat

See you on the water –


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