Plan B

I often wonder how many people really put a lot of (any?) thought into their plan for a day of fishing?  We take a good look at the next day’s weather (wind direction, velocity), tide (low / high times and range) and time of year and put together a plan.  For example, it will influence where we launch, and what spots we hit and in what order.  And, we usually have a Plan B or even C in place in case the best laid plan doesn’t work out.

Quality Flounder for the Prime Gancho

We had the opportunity to finally meet our second-ever Team EyeStrike member David Teran a.k.a PrimeGancho and better yet, get to fish with him.  David hails from Humble, Texas –  a suburb of Houston – and is used to fishing a completely different area than Charleston, SC.  Until recently, he was confined to shore and the catching he did from shore was amazing.  He now has an awesome skiff and his catching has exploded.  He holds the distinction of catching (to our knowledge) the only Rooster Fish on an Eye Strike jig!  

David’s first SC catch – nice one!

Since its prime-time for catching, our Plan A was to take him to an area that has been a home run for trout this time of year.  We met early, made a run and…not enough water for the Sportsman to reach our desired spot.  So, we waited it out and caught a mess of rat-reds.  Once we had enough water, our spot was, well, not firing off…

Ralph broke the ice in a solid way

Ralph and I made the decision to punt and implemented Plan B.  So, we put my Masters 207 on the trailer and went to another ramp.  Within minutes of launching Ralph was tight to a 20″ trout, and shortly after David landed his first SC fish, a very respectable trout!  That broke the tension and he proceeded to slay right along side of us.  David is a very good fisherman and he was able to complete a quality inshore slam on his first attempt – awesome!  

Tom -n- Huck

We are always down to learn something new and David showed us how he uses a chugging popping cork with a jighead/jerk shad underneath it (a technique we were shown in Louisiana recently also) and – it works, really well!  Might have to try that ourselves…

Incidentally, Plan B also applied to dinner that night.  I met David at Park Circle for dinner at Lotus and due to water problems we had to punt and go to Plan B – Fratellos – not a bad Plan B!  

We are already looking forward to our next opportunity to meet up and fish with David.  Hopefully, soon!

Until next time #TeamEyeStrike


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