Product Review Video

Our TeamEyeStrike member Judson Brock has made a new YouTube channel (search on “Jud Brock Fishing”) and he has already posted some great product review videos that I think you might find useful.   Make sure to subscribe to his channel to get all his new videos when they drop.

Here he is reviewing some of his favorite soft plastics and jig heads he uses on his guided trips in coastal North Carolina.  A review of some of our Eye Strike jigs starts at 10:05.  We agree 100% with his soft plastic recommendations by Z-Man, as they are the same profiles and colors we throw personally.  

Its funny because he also has a review of topwater plugs for redfish, and between these two videos, I found myself nodding and going “yep…”.  Great stuff.

We are proud to have Jud represent us on Team EyeStrike and you may recognize him from our post about fishing for reds in Louisiana last Fall.



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