Stay in Your Lane – How to Fish 3 People in a Small Boat

By popular demand, we are going to start offering brief tips to help you improve your catching and enjoyment on the water.  Our latest is the following video, we are calling “Stay in Your Lane”.  When fishing three people it is so annoying when you’re about to make a cast to that perfect little piece of structure when suddenly out of the corner of your eye you see a line coming from the back of the boat all the way across your “zone”.  Sometimes the person in back finds that structure too tempting to wait for, and all you can do is put your hands on your hips and wait till the line is clear.  You don’t want to cuss out your fishing buddy, but man, it’s tempting!  Follow this tip to keep everyone happy and trust us, you will still catch plenty of fish in the middle or back of the boat.  In fact, on this trip Alex caught the day-maker (year maker?), a 23″ trout, off the stern!  

Hope you enjoy!

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