Flounder Pounders

After being off the water for a couple weeks, Ralph and I took an R & R day and hit the brackish waters for a well needed break.  With zero expectations we started out just following our noses.  We quickly discovered that the redfish were hitting extremely hard – a very good sign.  When I say hit hard, I mean like almost dropping your rod when it hit!

We were going along picking at nice slot fish here and there (and a little striper) and suddenly we doubled up on flounder drifting by a piece of structure.  I put the MinnKota on anchor and we proceeded to pick one after another out of this one spot.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  They were also hitting extremely hard like the redfish.  When it finally slowed we were into the teens in numbers of fish boated.  

At this point, I was thinking we might have a shot at a “Margarita Slam” (redfish | trout | flounder | striper | largemouth) since we had three of the species already.  I never said anything for fear of jinxing us, but about an hour later Ralph hooks up and the fish jumps…Ditch Pickle!  With a photo snapped of the largemouth I finally said “Thats it!  We need to head for the salt and get a trout for the slam”.  So we picked up and ran way down river and shortly thereafter got our trout.  

A super fun day and a great preview to what should turn out to be a stellar Fall for fishing!  Now let’s keep those hurricanes away…

Every fish we caught was on 3/16 Texas Eye jigs with Scented Jerk ShadZ in various colors (nuked pilchard, perfect perch, smoky shad).

Margaritas are both Salty and Sweet!

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