Gnat Season

March fishing in the lowcountry can be miserable if you’re not prepared. If there is low wind, you will be surrounded by clouds of no-see-ums (actually, you will see em – in a cloud!) and if you’re not ready for them they will drive you to insanity! I once had one bite me on the white of my eye!

There are a few good products like No-Natz that work pretty good, but I take a completely different approach.

I cover up.

One of the best inventions in fishing to me is the buff.  There are a million variations around there but they are just a thin fabric in a tube shape that you can put over your neck and pull up over your face.  These IMHO are the best gnat deterrent you can buy.  Wear closed shoes, socks, long pants, long sleeves a buff and a hat and you’re all set.  Pull that buff up over your face and ears and up the back of your head.

This will allow you to fish through the clouds of gnats.  But!  You might still get bit on the white of your eye….I haven’t found a solution to that yet 🙂

See you on the water, through a cloud of gnats!

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