Release Over 20″ Update

Release Over 20″ is taking off in a great way, and we are ready to announce some great incentives to participate.  There are different categories to participate.

Recreational Anglers and Guides – You can now enter your Release Over 20″ trout in our contest and (optionally) receive a FREE Release Over 20″ decal, and each entry gets a chance to win our quarterly contest for a prize pack from our corporate sponsors.  We only ask for the minimal information and won’t share your personal information with anyone.  We just want to see how many trout are released by state as a result of our initiative.  Professional Guides can be entered to track how many have been released on your boat, to see who has the most releases by state.  If you sign up as a guide company endorsing the program we will put your information on our site and promote it on our social media.  How to enter: Simply take a pic of your Release Over 20 on your smart phone, and go to (Hint: Make an icon to it on your home screen).  Enter your information.  It takes only a few seconds and can be done on the boat.

Corporations – If you believe in the cause and would like to be promoted, please send us some in-kind donations for our giveaway prize packs.  We plan to do the giveaways quarterly, so 4 donations per year is required if possible.  Just contact us to get involved.

Our first quarterly prize pack. Will be drawn at the end of June and is provided by Eye Strike Fishing!

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