“Why I use Eye Strike heads”, by Bradford Beavers – Professional Bass Angler

Before Professional fishing I was a fish biologist. While this did not teach me how to catch fish, it did show me their habits and tendencies. All fish are not the same but, there are certain things that can make them very similar; specifically how they feed.

Predator fish strike the head of prey fish. The focal point for the predator fish is the eye of the prey fish. The eye gives the predator something to hone in on; it’s like a bulls eye on a target.

Reasons fish target the eye of their prey:
1. Fish swim forward, not backwards. Striking at the eye insures the fish will not completely miss its target. If they aimed at the center of the fish or the tail, they could easily miss their mark. Similar to a bird hunter leading a bird with a shotgun.
2. Easier to swallow. When a fish gets a hold of their prey it is facing the correct direction. Predator fish swallow other fish headfirst. Like a snake swallowing a mouse it’s more streamlined.

When fish are feeding heavily you can catch them on just about anything. But we all know those days can be few and far between. I like to do everything to put the odds in my favor. That is why I chose to use Eye Strike jig heads.

Bradford Beavers
Major League Fishing Pro Circuit Angler

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