Why The Texas Eye? – by FLW Bass Pro Bradford Beavers

Many fishermen look at the Texas Eye and wonder, why should I choose this over the standard Eye Strike jig head? There is one obvious reason and one not so obvious reason. The obvious reason to use a Texas Eye is because it’s weedless. If you find yourself fishing around a lot of grass, wood, or any other types of thick structure the Texas Eye is what you should reach for. It will come through a jungle of trash and not get snagged.

The not so obvious reason for choosing the Texas Eye over others is its realism. All fish these days see more lures than ever. There are more people after them trying to trick them into biting, so realism is of the utmost importance. With all Eye Strike products having the large eye, you’re already a step above the competition with realism. The Texas Eye adds to the realism by its action. The trick to making a lure look natural is by not hindering its movement. A bait rigged with a regular jig head has roughly 2 inches of metal and lead through it, which can hinder its ability to move naturally. A bait rigged with a Texas Eye has only a ¼ inch of hook and its point through the bait, it’s also attached to a free swinging lead head. This style frees the bait up to move more naturally through the water. The Texas Eye can be the perfect solution to clear water or highly pressured fish. Everything about the Texas Eye lends it to be a natural free swinging; free-swimming lure that can help you put more fish in the boat.

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