The fish don’t know it’s cold and wet!

Ralph and I fished today with our friend Robert.  The forecast called for 40 degree air warming to 60 and a chance of showers.  It didn’t get above the low 50’s and it was a steady rain most of the morning.  Pretty bad weather but the bite was on so how bad could it be, right?  Today we collectively caught around 80 fish, all trout and reds.  The trout were averaging 16-18″ which is better size than I have seen in a while, and SO much fun to catch.  Again, our TroutEye jigheads were used to catch all but a couple, and those were topwater trout.  They have continued to produce excellent numbers of fish for us, and we are hearing the same from our customers.  A few notable pics from the day’s outing:

Robert with the big fish of the day
TroutEye jigs catching the quality trout
Ralph and Dave double
Look at that blue tail!
Another quality trout lured by the TroutEye
Hunkered down – but hooked up

DSC_6521 DSC_6523

This was a first for me.  I’d heard of this before, but never experienced it till today.  Caught this upper slot red on a TroutEye, and noticed a hook protruding from it’s anus.  A circle hook that had made it all the way through the digestive tract of this fish.  I gently removed the hook and sent him on his way in better shape.  Contrary to popular belief, the hook will not “rust out in a couple days”.  The hook was largely in tact, but it was able to make its way through without a problem.  Always a good idea to cut the hook in a deeply hooked fish rather than try to extract it, if it would otherwise injure the fish.


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