Announcing a fourth TroutEye jig color: Gold

Gold Eye Rigged

Our newest jig color closely matches both speckled trout and redfish eyes.  As you know, specks are cannibalistic – they eat their young.  Many popular plugs, such as the Skitter Walk, come in Trout color for this reason.  When you pair a gold head with a 3.75″ Zman StreakZ in Ralphs Shad color, you have a perfect imitation of a small trout, a combo that is sure to be a killer!

Compare the gold eye with trout and redfish eyes


Our new color lineup is shown below (left to right):  red, pearl, glow and gold

Trout Eye Jigs 4 Colors Iso

Our new color is available immediately online at and will be available at both Haddrells Point Tackle locations any day now.  When ordering in bulk online, you will still have the option of “mixed”, meaning you can divide up the colors as you wish.  Hope you like them!

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