Partnership with Z-Man Fishing Products for the new Trout Tricks

We are very excited to formally announce our partnership with Z-Man Fishing Products Inc.  Z-Man will be distributing our TroutEye jigheads along with their new product, the Trout Trick.  Those of us in Charleston, SC know all about the Trout Trick.  It has been a local go-to bait for about 5 years now.  It’s gratifying for me on a personal level, as one of my very good friends, Bob Sanders, originated this bait and worked tirelessly to get others to simply try them.  He already knew how effective they were.  In fact, he made a living off chartering people new to fishing by using only artificial baits, and only Trout Tricks.  That’s how effective they are.  It’s great to see his vision come to life thanks to the fine people at Z-Man.  Although they are called Trout Tricks, those of us who use them know that they just as well could be called Redfish Tricks, or especially Flounder Tricks.

If there were any criticism of the Trout Trick, it was how easy it was to tear.  A bait would not last longer than a few fish usually.  Well, Z-Man has solved that problem by now making them out of ElaZtech material.  With this material, the Trout Trick is almost indestructible.  ElaZtech material is naturally buoyant, and when rigged on one of our TroutEye jigs, will stand straight up when left on the bottom.  The weight of our TroutEye jigs is the perfect solution to the slightly more buoyant material.  This allows the Trout Trick to fall at just the right rate to trigger a reaction bite on a speckled trout.

Please click the image below to read the full press release from Z-Man regarding our partnership.  We are very excited to be aligned with such an amazing company.

Press Release Cover Image

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