Blustery April

So far, April has been awful weather-wise.  The few trips I have been able to manage have been miserable from a weather standpoint.  However, the bite has been pretty good.  Where I have been fishing has been dictated by the wind direction.  Certain rivers provide better cover depending on the wind direction – and of course there is always somewhere to hide way up a tree-lined creek.  It seems the winds have been coming from the NE a lot.

The topwater bite has been getting better every week.  Yesterday was kind of bizarre.  There were squalls coming from the NE blowing at 15 and gusting to 20+, so the skies were gray and misting.  My little Whaler is very light and gets blown around a lot in a gust, so there I was casting between gusts and spitting rain and yet getting topwater strikes on almost every cast.  It sucked, yet, it was great 🙂  For me, a Spook Jr is out performing other offerings – probably because the mullet have not really moved in thick yet, so bait is smaller.

We always advise people to keep their eyes open on the water.  Yesterday I was fishing a spot and heard a strike.  Behind me in very deep water a trout was striking pretty good sized shrimp.  A quick cast within a 6 ft radius yielded 3 or 4 decent trout on top.  This tactic is a very effective one.  See a strike, drop your plug close by.  But, you have to be quick, or you will miss your opportunity!


The lowly Pearl MinnowZ by Z-Man paired with a gold Trout Eye jig continues to produce really well for me.  It doesn’t have a flashy name, or look real pretty – it’s just flat white.  But, it is the #1 overall best selling Z-Man bait worldwide because it just has universal appeal.  It’s been working great since late winter and now well into spring.  I keep saying I’ll switch it out when it stops producing, well, not yet.  Yesterday it yielded a double-inshore-slam of quality fish.  I guess I’ll keep it tied on….

I’m looking forward to some calm winds and warmer weather myself.  Enough of the winds!!


We were honored to have an article published about our business Ralph Phillips Inshore Productions by Palmetto Magazine.  This is a really nice state-wide magazine by the publishers of Azalea Magazine, based in Summerville.  Here are a few screen shots, but pick one up and check it out if you get a chance. They are free and are available at many local businesses.




Ralph did a seminar on “Finding Fish” at last nights Summerville Saltwater Anglers membership meeting.  This subject is our #1 most often asked question, and it was very well received by the club.  I was not able to make it due to a Track Meet (I’m a pole vault coach), but Ralph and Les covered my butt.



If you need to stock up on Trout Eye jigs or Z-Man plastics, please check out our store.  Buying jigs in bulk is by far your best value.

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