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Trout Eye Jigs now available in 1/8 oz and 3/16 oz in Retail 3-Packs

We are pleased to now offer our new packaging and new size of Trout Eye jigs on our store!

Many have asked for them, and we appreciate your patience while we got them ready for production.  We hope you like them and can’t wait to see what you catch with them.  Tag your posts with #trouteye for repost.

Trout Eye 1-8 Rigged with BadShad Swimmin Trout Trick
1/8 oz Trout Eye Jig Rigged with a Z-Man Swimmin’ Trout Trick
Trout Eye 3-16 Rigged with Pearl MinnowZ
3/16 oz Trout Eye Rigged with a Z-Man Pearl MinnowZ
Trout Eye 3-16 Four Colors
Trout Eye 3/16 oz Lineup
Trout Eye 1-8 Four Color Aligned
Trout Eye 1/8 oz Lineup

Trout Eye 1-8 Red 3-Pack Trout Eye 3-16 Gold 3-Pack

Huge Charleston Trout Caught on Trout Eye Jig

Last week we received another great testimonial for Trout Eye jigs and Z-Man soft plastics, when Captain Justin Carter of DIG Charters caught the biggest trout in recent memory in Charleston.  This huge fish was over 10 lbs and released.  It was just about 1 lb under the state record.

Justin Carter Trout
Captain Justin Carter with a 28″ 10+ lb speckled trout

Justin said “She was released. I have a self imposed 20″ limit on trout. Caught on Trout Eye with a Z-Man Pearl Blue SwimmerZ. She measured 28″ which is by far the thickest fish I have ever caught. However I have caught several longer trout but all of them have come out of Florida and none had shoulders like this one. The girth on the trout this year has been unreal. I had a 25″ two weeks ago that went over 6 lbs.”

A big congrats to Justin on a fish of a lifetime.  We are glad to be a part of such an amazing South Carolina catch (and release).


What’s Old is New Again

This quote by Sandy Stuhr in a recent TideLine magazine article says it all.  Sandy has been fishing Charleston inshore for over 50 years.

Sandy Stuhr, another veteran inshore angler, bemoans the development that has taken place along the Wando River where he has spent decades fishing. But at the same time the proliferation of docks also provides structure and breaks for the gamefish to lie in wait.
“It gives the fish someplace to sit, particularly the redfish,” Stuhr said.
Stuhr’s favorite artificial is a bucktail jig, something that can be difficult to find these days.

The classic bucktail has proven the test of time simply because it works.  It’s probably because the supple deer hair tail moves effortlessly in the current, making it look alive.  It’s the same concept as a fly fishermen’s Clouser minnow.

We have combined our greatly successful TroutEye jigheads featuring an oversized eye with a bucktail trailer.  These work exceptionally well when a subtle presentation is needed, such as the fall and winter when our waters get cold.

The best way to fish them is like you would fish a MirroLure, but even slower.  A very slow retrieve with frequent pauses works very well.

Pick up a few packs and try them out.

Bucktail BLUE Bucktail BROWN

Show your school spirit by fishing with a themed bucktail.  See what the fish choose…

Bucktail CAROLINA Bucktail CLEMSON


TroutEye bucktails are available ONLY on our online store.

It’s Topwater Time

Ralph fished on Tuesday with customers and I snuck out for a half day solo on Wednesday.  Next time you hit the water one thing will be noticeably different – the baitfish have moved in, and moved in thick!   There are literally mullet and menhaden everywhere.  And that means topwater is on.  Look for bait, especially if you see the school get struck.  Chunk your plug in there and make it look scared and injured and hold on.  Literally, just hold on.  Don’t set the hook.  Just hold on until you feel the rod pulsing.  Ralph’s guests had multiple strikes with very few hookups, and Ralph had 5 or so trout from 18-22 inches.  It’s the little things that can make all the difference!  Later in the day Ralph got a number of heavy trout on TroutEye jigs.  Unfortunately Ralph’s photog (me) was not on the trip so no pics to show.

Dave with Red and GoldEye

I also had a great bite on top on Wednesday, but no big fish (up to 16″).  I did find four grown reds to stretch my line and one real nice trout (22 in) on a gold TroutEye jighead.  Finished the day with a decent 17 in flounder for the slam.

Gator trout 1

There are a good number of heavy trout this spring (yeah!).  They are heavy with eggs and the great majority of your bigger fish will be females.  Please consider letting the big girls go so they can spawn their “survivor genes” to the next generations.  We will never fault you for keeping your (legal) fish, but just planting a seed for thought.  I (Dave) keep a personal upper slot on trout of 20 inches for this reason.

Red with TE in mouth

Enjoy the great bite going on, it’s awesome to have big trout around!

Oceans East Bait and Tackle in Virginia Beach

Oceans East Virginia Beach

We are now stocking Trout Eye jig heads to Ocean’s East Bait and Tackle in Virginia Beach, VA!

Oceans East is not your average big box store. Our staff have passion and experience.  Oceans East is a Hampton Roads landmark, located off of Northbound Route 13 (Northampton Blvd) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Oceans East started as a small tackle shop no bigger than a 2 car garage in 1982. Since then it has grown to become a popular destination for fisherman, hunters and sportsman. Oceans East has over 10,000 sqft of inshore and offshore, freshwater and saltwater  fishing merchandise and apparel as well as a knowledgeable staff of experts.