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Lots of changes underway here at Ralph Phillips Inshore!

First and foremost, we have consolidated our operations under one roof at a new site.  Our address is:

Ralph Phillips Inshore Productions, LLC
7341B Peppermill Parkway
North Charleston, SC 29418

This is off of Ashley Phosphate road near the Stokes Volkswagen dealership.  If you are in the area, drop by and we will show you around.  We are planning to have a small retail shop on-site to sell our products and also our limited inventory of Z-Man plastics.  Also, you will be able to come pick up your online order at the shop and avoid shipping charges.   More to come on this…

We are very excited to now offer our full lineup of Redfish Eye jigs!  These feature a 4/0 Mustad Ultrapoint hook (same hook type as our Trout Eye jigs) just bigger and stronger.  The hook eye is 30 deg to make them swim a little shallower and be a little better at weed shedding.  They are super strong and sharp.


We also have Trout Eye jigs now in 1/4 oz and 1/8 oz.


Lastly, one of the cool benefits of our partnership with Z-Man Fishing is access to new products.  We were the only place you could purchase the new Swimmin’ Trout Tricks online for a couple months, and we are also one of the few places you can buy the new EZ ShrimpZ online.  Both great products, and we also manufacture the weighted hooks for the EZ ShrimpZ.

ezsr-272pk2 ezsr-318pk2

Its Fall so the bite is about to rev up.  Who else is excited?


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