Sweet Water Adventures

The wind machine (and king tides) has been relentless for the past few weeks.  That hasn’t kept us off the water, however.  Instead, we have been taking advantage of a little freshwater pond fishing recently – using Eye Strike jigs and Z-Man ElaZtech, of course.  We have been field testing a line of new products that we are not quite yet ready to reveal, however, they are working pretty damn good!  

Ralph with a nice bass on ultralight tackle
This might be my new personal best. Caught on one of our weedless jigs.

If you aren’t tuned in to the comings and goings of freshwater fish, the bass are about to bed and we are seeing evidence of it, with lots of buck bass being caught in the shallows.  The next few weeks should really turn on the bass.  However, the name of the game right now is Crappie.  The bite has been really good, and a great offering is a 1/8 oz TroutEye Finesse jig rigged with a Z-Man Slim SwimZ.  It makes a great minnow imitation and of course the big eye seals the deal.  The crappie are hammering it.

Marc with a “by-catch” LMB when looking for Crappie!
Eye for an Eye. 1/8 oz TroutEye Finesse and Slim SwimZ

We had the pleasant opportunity to spend a day with Marc Descenes of VIP Adventures.  Marc manages a series of sand pit ponds in the general vicinity of 17A south of Summerville.  He has been doing this for 20+ years and he has about 6 ponds available for annual membership to a select few, and a few more that he only guides on.  It’s a great opportunity for someone to be guided to a bass of a lifetime.  Look him up if interested.

A few slab crappie

Our goal was crappie, and crappie we got.  Slab crappie.  They are an awful lot of fun to catch on ultra light tackle. 

Fried whole, doesn’t get much better than that.

And, it doesn’t get much better on the table!

Remember, ALL predators strike the eye, saltwater, and FRESH.  Give em a try.


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Performance shirt in White
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