Back to the Salt

Ralph and I had separate trips back to the salt recently, and we were both pleasantly surprised with the results.  Bait fish have yet to show up in numbers, I think delayed a bit by the last few weeks of relatively colder weather.  All we observed was lots of glass minnows around.  Not surprisingly, smaller profiles far out performed everything else, with the ol’ mainstay that Ralph made famous – the StreakZ 3.75 in Ralph’s Shad color – being the best performer.  

Ralph’s business associates enjoying a day on the Wando
Hell of a nice trout for a northeast fisherman!

I had a lot of luck with that profile as well, but also had very good success with a Swimmin’ Trout Trick in Mood Ring color.  It’s a similar size and profile and the color is money in that clear water of the Wando river.  And when I say clear, I mean CLEAR.  It won’t be that way much longer – when the water starts to warm and the algae starts to grow again.  But for now, its working real good.

21″ trout, released

So, in separate trips we each had similar results.  Inshore slams, plus 20 +/- trout (!) from around 10″ up to 21″.  Very encouraging!  Speaking from personal experience, all the trout I caught, except for one, were snakes.  In other words, very skinny.  Mark my words, but the next two to three months will be a very aggressive bite with the trout, as they fatten up for the spawn.  I truly believe it is still very important to release all these fish, at least until late summer, so that they can have a very successful spawn.   Let’s let these fish rebound as fast as possible so we can all get back to and enjoy the world class trout fishery we have had the last few years.

As a reminder, try to handle your trout as little as possible so that their slime coating remains.  We gently pinch them behind the head and only handle them there.  Please wet your hands before handling them and also use a rubber net.  Of course, dropping them in the boat does them no good!   It’s the little things that will really make a difference whether your fish lives after release.


Check out this documentary “The Million Dollar Idea” about the invention and origin of the Z-Man Chatter Bait.  The inventor was Ron Davis, Sr and we are friends with Ron Davis, Jr who built a business around the product.  It’s a great story and very inspirational.


Stay tuned over the next month or so as we will have a number of new product announcements that we are really excited about!


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