Z-Man Weedless Eye Jigs

This day has been a long time coming, but it’s really exciting that it is here…The announcement of our Eye Strike Weedless jigs as a Z-Man product, officially known as Weedless Eye jigs!  Fans of ours have known that we have had these available for sale for a year now.  They are truly one of our own favorite products, and are a game changer as far as getting the Eye to where the fish are.  With the Z-Man announcement, that means that they will now be available at tackle shops nationwide, and at large retailers as well.  We are very confident that once people try them, they will spread the word quickly through social media.  It’s exciting stuff for us!  

We have said it before, but we are very honored and proud to be partners with Z-Man Fishing!

Also looking forward to the reception it gets at ICAST 2018…

The initial press release, and more to come!

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  1. George Rigsby says:

    Dave, where I have fished in the last two weeks I should have been using these. I probably lost over thirty of the regular trout eye jigs. Fishing live finger mullet, and large mud minnows in the timber on the trout eye. I will need to restock soon. Thanks for everything you do for our fishing.

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