We are proud to announce our latest new product, Texas Eye(TM) jigheads!  This product uses our weed shedding head design from our Weedless Eye jigs and uses a custom through-wire and Mustad UltraPoint hook to create a pivoting head for more action.  We have also integrated a bait keeper into the hook to securely hold your soft plastic up around the head.  It is a really great and effective weedless presentation that swims great with a great hook up ratio.  We are really proud and excited for this product.  We have been using it all spring with great success, even using it almost exclusively to win 4th place at the Southern Redfish Cup / Spade Foundation redfish tournament.  It excels in fresh water applications, just like a Texas Rig and as you will see below, the freshwater fish dig it!

They are available exclusively only direct through us at our shop or online at our STORE.  Give them a try!

By the way, YES, this is “Product X” we have been hinting about!


  1. Michael D Mets says:

    Wow. They look great Dave,

    Went to place an order and wondered, will they be available in a larger quantity or bulk?


  2. Dave Fladd says:

    Thanks Michael –
    Similarly to the Weedless Eye, we will only offer them in retail packs until they are widely distributed.

  3. Ryan calvert says:

    How do these work summer periods. I find that a lot of the minnow style stuff works better winter and spring while mullet/dine stuff gets better reaction in the summer. Very interested but it’s new and wondering about application.

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