Recommended Podcast “The science of Fish Vision”

If you’ve not yet tuned in to Tom Rowland’s podcast, you ought to.  You may recognize Tom as one of the hosts of the popular Saltwater Experience TV show.  I’ve been a fan for a while and recently listened to this one about the science of fish vision.  If you have read my posts over the years you probably know that as an optical scientist I don’t believe in using the color red in my lures (even EyeStrike jigs) because that color disappears quickly underwater and most of our inshore species can’t see it.  

I’ve also stated an opinion that is unconventional among fishermen and that is that I believe in contrast rather than the usual bright day- bright lure, dark day-dark lure opinion of most.  In other words, I like to fish light-dark or dark-light for contrast.  Dr. Schwiekert backs some of these opinions up and offers a whole lot more that we can all learn from.  

Check it out, and there is plenty more nuggets available on Tom’s other episodes.

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