Jig Supplies Update

Just a heads-up that we remain open, although shipments may be delayed at times due to higher priorities in life.  We plan to remain open as long as we are legally able to be, and the USPS remains open.  

All our jigs have always been Made in the USA, and wherever possible we source from the USA also.  An exception is hooks – there are no domestic makers of quality fish hooks.  Because of delays in business and commerce there are a lot of backorders of hook supplies nationally.  We received word that some of our major suppliers are shut down by governer’s orders in their states, being non-essential businesses, for an unknown period of time. 

This means that we will not be receiving restocking of jigs or samples of our new products for a while.  Good news is that we have a good inventory in stock so we will be good until supplies run out.  Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but its a possibility. 

No hoarding! 🙂

Thanks for all your support and hope you stay safe and smart and get a chance to do some fishing during all this craziness…


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