Silver Linings

Strange days, indeed.  As we weather this unprecedented time in our history, one of the silver linings is having family home and together with not much to do.  A side benefit is with factories closed, less transportation, etc, the environment gets a much needed time-out.  At least as long as our public landings remain open, it is a nice opportunity to go fishing.  My youngest son Ian has been home from UofSC and I offered a day fishing to help break the boredom – he gladly accepted. 

It turned out to be a beautiful day, with low winds and moderate tide.  I rigged up some small lures as a result of my prior trip with John (see above).  In this case I rigged up some 1/8 oz Trout Eye Finesse jigs with Z-Man Slim SwimZ 3″.  One in Space Guppy, and one in Pearl (pure white).  

As we arrived at our first spot we started making exploratory casts, and it wasn’t but a few minutes before I got a solid thump and landed a 22″ trout.  This is a good sign!  We drifted a bank trying to locate more fish and had a few quality trout but they were very spread out.  So, we ran back to the scene of the crime and tried again.  

Ian made a cast and located a pocket where some nice redfish were holding in a small pocket.  We landed three over 24″ in short order.  

As the tide slowed I made a guess that the fish were moving down the bank so we drifted again and found a few more quality trout.  

Around midday, the wind went from completely still to South at 20+.  We moved to some other areas and Ian was able to find a couple 19″+ trout despite the very difficult conditions.  

I was proud to watch him work his lure slowly and manage his line in order to feel the bite and set the hook.  He’s become a very good artificial lure angler.  

As usual for us, our fish were carefully handled and released to spawn and catch again.  We did keep a few smaller ones for dinner, but only to eat fresh, not frozen.

The best part was spending the day together fishing.  The excellent catching made it all the better!

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