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Latest Phillips Custom Rod

Rod # 0015 is a baitcaster, commissioned by a son for his dad on Father’s Day.  This latest piece of functional art by Les has the full custom works; Fancy red, white and blue threading, teak end cap, split grip, three-color eyelet detail, etc.  It’s a real beauty and is sure to be a treasured gift – and with its superior blank and sensitivity will simply out-catch all other rods.  More on Phillips Custom rods can be found here.

Thread and Phillips Custom Detail


Iso Teak Detail


Eyelet Detail

Phillips Custom Rod with Clemson Trim

We recently delivered a rod to a new customer and they requested Clemson trim to their specifications. Here are a few pics of the finished product. With our customization options, you can contact Les and have the colors and trim done in your own way. For example, another Clemson fan’s rod might look completely different! This one turned our really cool, I think. We will have pics of a great Georgia Bulldog rod soon. Still waiting on our first Gamecock rod order….

Teak and Wrapping Detail

Wrapping and Numbering Detail 2

Eyelet Detail